PokemonGo Nearby Feature Shows the Approximate Location of Pokemon

December 1st, 2016 | PokemonGo News

Nearby feature is now available both in the United States and in large parts of Europe.

nearbyMost pokemon tend to spawn not far from pokestops, and the new nearby feature shows you which pokestops those pokemon are close to. ‘Nearby’ replaces ‘sightings’ feature which showed pokemon nearby but didn’t provide any clues as to which way to go to find them.

The pokemon and pokestops shown on ‘Nearby’ screen are within easy walking distance. If you tap on a Pokemon, and then on a footprints icon, the location of the pokestop will be shown on the map.

On the flip side, pokemon that are close to you, but not close to any pokestops, do not appear on the ‘Nearby’ screen. This is a significant change, because previously ‘Sightings’ would register these pokemon spawns, but the new ‘Nearby’ feature doesn’t.


Happy pokemon hunting! No more aimless wondering around! 🙂

Try Again Later. Speed Limit on PokemonGo Pokestops.

November 9th, 2016 | PokemonGo News

PokemonGo Pokestop Speed Limit. Try again later.Since the recent PokemonGo update, pokestops are no longer commuter friendly. Spinning pokestops at normal driving speed returns a message Try again later. There are conflicting views in the gamers’ community on what the cut-off speed for spinning pokestops is, but most agree that it’s around 30mph. The speed limit is much lower (only 10mph!) for egg hatching to work, so even if you’re cycling or running, you might be already too fast for your egg-hatching distance to be recorded accurately.

This update is bad news for trainers who were hunting pokemon as passengers on their way to work or school, but all in all Niantic is wise to put a stop to any temptation of playing the game whilst driving.

Pokemon Go Petition to Remove the Speed Limit

If you feel strongly that the speed cap is unfair and unnecessary, you can sign a petition to remove the speed limit on pokestops, which is already supported by 6,090 players (as of 15 Nov 2016).

Other Reasons for ‘Try again later’ Error

Sometimes trainers get the dreaded Try again later message, even when they walk or stand still. This can happen for two reasons:

  1. Incomplete spin action. If the trainer closes the pokestop before the image is fully loaded and the action is complete, this can also result in ‘Try again later’ drama.
  2. GPS failure. If your trainer character tends to wander off quite far due to wobbly GPS, then this can be misinterpreted by the game as driving at speed.

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British house prices to rise by 22% according to Mr. Mime

September 9th, 2016 | Crazy Pokemon

UK property prices are set to rise by an average of 22%, according to Mr. Mime. However, there is wide variation in the rate of increase. Properties providing direct access to pokestops and battle gyms, straight from the living room, are rising in price by as much as 475%.

Jynx “Rather than repeat the mistakes of the past and prop up the housing market with tedious, complex initiatives such as buy-to-let mortgages and help-to-buy schemes, we can take advantage of innovative technologies such as augmented reality and mobile apps to make ridiculous house prices look attractive.” – says Jynx as she returns from her holiday in Swiss Alps.

“This is a welcome turn of events,” says Mankey, after his second holiday last month in Cornwall. “It would be upsetting to see the house prices going down. The landlords would suffer an economic shock, and possibly a sleepless night. They would not know what the future looks like.”

For the first time in British history the number of bedrooms as a major factor in determining the value of the property is no longer relevant or important. Since mid-July 2016, people are not interested in the number of bedrooms, close transport links or garden space. What drives the property prices up today is the proximity to pokestops, pokemon nests and battle gyms.

Catchment area remains to be an important consideration for people who are looking for their dream home. Pre-millenials might remember moving houses and paying hundreds of thousands of pounds more, just to be near a so-called well-performing school. Ironically, the catchment areas didn’t actually provide anything to catch! All this changed last summer when pokestops gave a new meaning to the term. Today, an average house near one of the best-performing pokestops in England costs £766,744, compared to a national average of £313,318.

“You get what you pay for”, – says Sparky Jolteon. “If you live further away from a pokestop, you fall victim to the PokemonGo marketing ploy – walk and exercise – which can be tiring and impractical after a long day at work. Catching pokemons from the comfort of your own home is worth its weight in gold!”

A new property website Pokemove is embracing the change in customer expectations and provides property listings that focus on what really matters in today’s property market. Look at this gorgeous property, featuring direct access to a pokestop, numerous water pokemons within easy walking distance and sightings of Ponyta just round the corner, all for just £950,000!

Pokemon in the house. House prices.

mrmime Mr. Mime is an expert in making house prices look reasonable, and at all things that may at first seem unseeable. He reports on perfectly solvable world problems, pokemon rights issues, and all things free range.