Try Again Later. Speed Limit on PokemonGo Pokestops.

November 9th, 2016 | PokemonGo News

PokemonGo Pokestop Speed Limit. Try again later.Since the recent PokemonGo update, pokestops are no longer commuter friendly. Spinning pokestops at normal driving speed returns a message Try again later. There are conflicting views in the gamers’ community on what the cut-off speed for spinning pokestops is, but most agree that it’s around 30mph. The speed limit is much lower (only 10mph!) for egg hatching to work, so even if you’re cycling or running, you might be already too fast for your egg-hatching distance to be recorded accurately.

This update is bad news for trainers who were hunting pokemon as passengers on their way to work or school, but all in all Niantic is wise to put a stop to any temptation of playing the game whilst driving.

Pokemon Go Petition to Remove the Speed Limit

If you feel strongly that the speed cap is unfair and unnecessary, you can sign a petition to remove the speed limit on pokestops, which is already supported by 6,090 players (as of 15 Nov 2016).

Other Reasons for ‘Try again later’ Error

Sometimes trainers get the dreaded Try again later message, even when they walk or stand still. This can happen for two reasons:

  1. Incomplete spin action. If the trainer closes the pokestop before the image is fully loaded and the action is complete, this can also result in ‘Try again later’ drama.
  2. GPS failure. If your trainer character tends to wander off quite far due to wobbly GPS, then this can be misinterpreted by the game as driving at speed.

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