PokemonGo Gym Prestige Formula

December 5th, 2016 | PokemonGo News

Building up gym prestige became much harder in November 2016, but the values are now reverted back to what they were prior to the November update.

You can raise your friendly gym prestige by up to 1000 points, if your pokemon have half the CP of the gym defenders. This means that raising prestige is doable again, but it also means that smart battles, as opposed to just applying brutal force (CP), makes a big difference. Being able to choose the right pokemon for your squad is becoming a crucial skill.

The formula for gym prestige points is:

  • 500 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP) if your attacker has a lower CP than the defender;
  • 310 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP) – 55 if your attacker has a higher CP than the defender.

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Everything You Need to Know about Your PokemonGo Buddy

November 15th, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

PokemonGo Buddy SnorlaxWhen you assign a PokemonGo buddy, it walks with you and collects candies on the way. Candies are helpful when you want to power up, or evolve a pokemon of the same kind. I chose Snorlax as my buddy because Snorlax is very rare and buddying Snorlax is one slow but sure way to collect enough candies to power up my Snorlax for gym battles.

When you reach your goal and have collected enough candies, you can swap your buddy for someone else. Current progress will be lost but any candies that you already collected are yours to keep.

If your goal is evolutions, as opposed to power ups, then the easiest way to choose your best buddy is to write down all the pokemon you still don’t have, and the amount of candies required for each evolution. You can then work out how many kilometers you need to walk to get there, using PokemonGo Buddy Candy Distance Chart.

I am currently level 26 and here’s my list of pokemon that I still don’t have but can get by walking a buddy (as opposed to catching them in the wild):

Ivysaur 8 more Bulbasaur candies 24 km
Venusaur 100 Bulbasaur candies 300 km
Charizard 83 Charmander candies 249 km
Blastoise 71 Squirtle candies 213 km
Arbok 26 Ekans candies 78 km
Ninetales 27 Vulpix candies 81 km
Wigglytuff 5 Jigglypuff candies 5 km
Dugtrio 35 Diglett candies 105 km
Arcanine 17 Growlithe candies 51 km
Alakazam 91 Kadabra candies 273 km
Machamp 60 Machoke candies 180 km
Golem 100 Graveler candies 100 km
Rapidash 28 Ponyta candies 84 km
Dodrio 50 Doduo candies 150 km
Muk 47 Grimer candies 141 km
Electrode 36 Voltorb candies 108 km
Exeggutor 28 Exeggcute candies 84 km
Weezing 21 Koffing candies 63 km
Gyarados 25 Magikarp candies 25 km
Kabutops 27 Kabuto candies 135 km
Dragonite 62 Dratini candies 310 km

So, in my case, my closest bets to new evolutions are Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur and Magikarp. Growlithe is also an attractive choice because Arcanine would be very helpful in gym battles, so I reckon he’s well worth the 51km of walking.

Can You Place Your PokemonGo Buddy at a Gym?

Your buddy follows you everywhere. Unfortunately this means that you can’t assign him to the gym as a defender. You can still use your buddy in battles, though.

Would you like to learn more about PokemonGo gym battles? Join our Pokemon151 Forums and talk to other trainers about gym battles, prestige level, best attack strategies and more.

New Rules for PokemonGo Gym Battles and Gym Prestige

November 10th, 2016 | PokemonGo News

With the most recent update (November 2016) it became harder to build up the gym prestige, and easier to take it down. This means that established gyms are now at a higher risk of being taken down, and they will need to spend much more time to rebuild their gym prestige back up.

Victreebel wins against Vaporeon in PokemonGo Gym BattleVictreebel CP 1385 wins against Vaporeon CP 2285. This is because Victreebel is of grass type and is a good choice for battling against water type pokemon such as Vaporeon.

According to the new formula, when you fight in a rival gym, the gym’s prestige level goes down by 1000 for every pokemon battle you win, and there is an extra 1000 decrease for taking down the gym leader. A level 10 gym can be taken down in about half an hour. Still quite some time, but far easier than before.

On the flip side, when you battle for your own team, the gym prestige only gets half the points that we used to get before. The exact amount depends on the squad you choose for your battle. If you choose pokemon that have lower CP than the opponent (ideally twice as low), you get more points, and you can raise the gym prestige faster. The maximum amount you can get is 500 points per battle.

Grey ‘No Team’ Gym Lock Down

grey-gymOnce you’ve taken down a rival gym, it is now locked for a brief period, to give you time to put your pokemon in. This prevents other trainers, conveniently and completely accidentally hiding in the bushes nearby, from claiming the gym that they didn’t even attack.

What are your current strategies with regards to gym battles? Do you have many pokemon defending gyms? Do you battle often? Tell us more on Pokemon151 Forums.

What are the Pokedex Shadows?

October 30th, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

PokemonGo Pokedex Shadows, PokemonGo GymsIf you saw a pokemon in the wild, but the creature legged it, it will be displayed in your Pokédex as a shadow.

However PokemonGo players see many more shadows than they remember spotting in the wild. What is going on? Is it a bug, or are we heading into the levels of addiction where we no longer remember which pokemon we saw?

The answer to this question lies in one of the recent updates. Since October 2016, your Pokedex shows not only the shadows of the pokemon you saw in the wild, but also shadows of the pokemon you saw in the gyms, even if you haven’t battled these pokemon!