Everything You Need to Know about Your PokemonGo Buddy

November 15th, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

PokemonGo Buddy SnorlaxWhen you assign a PokemonGo buddy, it walks with you and collects candies on the way. Candies are helpful when you want to power up, or evolve a pokemon of the same kind. I chose Snorlax as my buddy because Snorlax is very rare and buddying Snorlax is one slow but sure way to collect enough candies to power up my Snorlax for gym battles.

When you reach your goal and have collected enough candies, you can swap your buddy for someone else. Current progress will be lost but any candies that you already collected are yours to keep.

If your goal is evolutions, as opposed to power ups, then the easiest way to choose your best buddy is to write down all the pokemon you still don’t have, and the amount of candies required for each evolution. You can then work out how many kilometers you need to walk to get there, using PokemonGo Buddy Candy Distance Chart.

I am currently level 26 and here’s my list of pokemon that I still don’t have but can get by walking a buddy (as opposed to catching them in the wild):

Ivysaur 8 more Bulbasaur candies 24 km
Venusaur 100 Bulbasaur candies 300 km
Charizard 83 Charmander candies 249 km
Blastoise 71 Squirtle candies 213 km
Arbok 26 Ekans candies 78 km
Ninetales 27 Vulpix candies 81 km
Wigglytuff 5 Jigglypuff candies 5 km
Dugtrio 35 Diglett candies 105 km
Arcanine 17 Growlithe candies 51 km
Alakazam 91 Kadabra candies 273 km
Machamp 60 Machoke candies 180 km
Golem 100 Graveler candies 100 km
Rapidash 28 Ponyta candies 84 km
Dodrio 50 Doduo candies 150 km
Muk 47 Grimer candies 141 km
Electrode 36 Voltorb candies 108 km
Exeggutor 28 Exeggcute candies 84 km
Weezing 21 Koffing candies 63 km
Gyarados 25 Magikarp candies 25 km
Kabutops 27 Kabuto candies 135 km
Dragonite 62 Dratini candies 310 km

So, in my case, my closest bets to new evolutions are Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur and Magikarp. Growlithe is also an attractive choice because Arcanine would be very helpful in gym battles, so I reckon he’s well worth the 51km of walking.

Can You Place Your PokemonGo Buddy at a Gym?

Your buddy follows you everywhere. Unfortunately this means that you can’t assign him to the gym as a defender. You can still use your buddy in battles, though.

Would you like to learn more about PokemonGo gym battles? Join our Pokemon151 Forums and talk to other trainers about gym battles, prestige level, best attack strategies and more.

Ultimate PokemonGo Evolution Guide

November 14th, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

You can get new pokemon in two ways:

  • catch them in the wild, and
  • evolve the pokemon you already have.

Catching pokemon in the wild is mostly down to luck (although maps and trackers can help), whereas evolving pokemon depends on having enough candy of a certain type.

Magikarp Evolution Gyarados CPYou need 400 candies to evolve Magikarp into Gyarados.

The ‘cheapest’ pokemon to evolve are pidgeys, weedles and caterpies. These are the types you would collect for a lucky egg mass evolutions to boost your XP.

The most ‘expensive’ and difficult to evolve pokemon is Gyarados – you need 400 Magikarp candies for the evolution, and you need to catch a strong enough Magikarp that makes the evolution worthwhile. The vast majority of Magikarps are very weak – look for Magikarps with CP of at least around 150, which would evolve into approximately CP 1800 Gyarados.

The rest of the pokemon need 25, 50 or 100 candies for evolution.

How Many Candies are Required to Evolve Each Pokemon?

Here’s a full list of how many candies are required to evolve each of the pokemons.

12 Candies Pidgey
25 Candies Bulbasaur
Nidoran ♀
Nidoran ♂
50 Candies Metapod
100 Candies Ivysaur
400 Candies Magikarp

Lucky Egg Mass Evolutions

PokemonGo Lucky Egg Double XPIn order to progress through the levels faster, you can collect all the low-level life (pidgeys, weedles, caterpies and whoever else happens to wander about in large quantities) and evolve them all in one go, whilst using a lucky egg. Each evolution is normally 500 XP, but lucky egg doubles up the XP to 1000, and if you keep evolving your pokemon for the whole of 30 minutes, you can get up to 60,000 XP by using this technique.

If you don’t quite have enough pokemon to keep evolving them for 30 minutes, consider doing your lucky egg mass evolution near a pokestop. Place a lure module, and in between your evolutions, catch the pokemon and spin the pokestop to get double XP for those actions too.

How many evolutions can you do in 30 minutes? Tell us at Pokemon151 Forums.

New Rules for PokemonGo Gym Battles and Gym Prestige

November 10th, 2016 | PokemonGo News

With the most recent update (November 2016) it became harder to build up the gym prestige, and easier to take it down. This means that established gyms are now at a higher risk of being taken down, and they will need to spend much more time to rebuild their gym prestige back up.

Victreebel wins against Vaporeon in PokemonGo Gym BattleVictreebel CP 1385 wins against Vaporeon CP 2285. This is because Victreebel is of grass type and is a good choice for battling against water type pokemon such as Vaporeon.

According to the new formula, when you fight in a rival gym, the gym’s prestige level goes down by 1000 for every pokemon battle you win, and there is an extra 1000 decrease for taking down the gym leader. A level 10 gym can be taken down in about half an hour. Still quite some time, but far easier than before.

On the flip side, when you battle for your own team, the gym prestige only gets half the points that we used to get before. The exact amount depends on the squad you choose for your battle. If you choose pokemon that have lower CP than the opponent (ideally twice as low), you get more points, and you can raise the gym prestige faster. The maximum amount you can get is 500 points per battle.

Grey ‘No Team’ Gym Lock Down

grey-gymOnce you’ve taken down a rival gym, it is now locked for a brief period, to give you time to put your pokemon in. This prevents other trainers, conveniently and completely accidentally hiding in the bushes nearby, from claiming the gym that they didn’t even attack.

What are your current strategies with regards to gym battles? Do you have many pokemon defending gyms? Do you battle often? Tell us more on Pokemon151 Forums.

Try Again Later. Speed Limit on PokemonGo Pokestops.

November 9th, 2016 | PokemonGo News

PokemonGo Pokestop Speed Limit. Try again later.Since the recent PokemonGo update, pokestops are no longer commuter friendly. Spinning pokestops at normal driving speed returns a message Try again later. There are conflicting views in the gamers’ community on what the cut-off speed for spinning pokestops is, but most agree that it’s around 30mph. The speed limit is much lower (only 10mph!) for egg hatching to work, so even if you’re cycling or running, you might be already too fast for your egg-hatching distance to be recorded accurately.

This update is bad news for trainers who were hunting pokemon as passengers on their way to work or school, but all in all Niantic is wise to put a stop to any temptation of playing the game whilst driving.

Pokemon Go Petition to Remove the Speed Limit

If you feel strongly that the speed cap is unfair and unnecessary, you can sign a petition to remove the speed limit on pokestops, which is already supported by 6,090 players (as of 15 Nov 2016).

Other Reasons for ‘Try again later’ Error

Sometimes trainers get the dreaded Try again later message, even when they walk or stand still. This can happen for two reasons:

  1. Incomplete spin action. If the trainer closes the pokestop before the image is fully loaded and the action is complete, this can also result in ‘Try again later’ drama.
  2. GPS failure. If your trainer character tends to wander off quite far due to wobbly GPS, then this can be misinterpreted by the game as driving at speed.

Find out more

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PokemonGo Daily Bonuses –
More XP, More Stardust and More PokeBalls

November 9th, 2016 | PokemonGo News

Just as the weather turns colder and pokemon hunting in the wild becomes harder, Niantic launches an exciting daily bonus feature. You will also get more XP, more stardust, and more pokestop items, for a very limited time, between 7 and 11 of November 2016.

PokemonGo Daily Bonus UpdateDaily Bonuses

Daily bonus feature gives you:

  • Extra 500XP for the First Catch of the Day. It can be something as dull as a Weedle but it will still get you the extra points if this is the first pokemon you catch on that day! (The day resets at midnight).
  • Extra 500XP for the first Pokestop of the day you spin.
  • Lucky Egg doubles XP of the first catch or the first pokestop of the day.

PokemonGo Daily Bonus Update, 7 Day Streak7 Day Streak

If you get daily bonuses for 7 days in a row, you are rewarded with even more extra XP and extra stardust.

  • First catch of the day, for 7 days in a row gives you extra 2500 XP and 3000 Stardust
  • First PokeStop of the day, for 7 days in a row gives you extra 2500 XP and many extra items

Increase in Spawn Rates and PokeStop Items

To celebrate the launch of the daily bonus feature, there will be more pokemon in the wild, and more pokeballs and other items at pokestops for a limited time only, between 7 and 11 of November 2016:

  • Extra items at every Pokestop, consistently 6 or more, and sometimes as many as 12!
  • Extra pokemon in their usual spawn places – they are clearly having a party!

Hurry – the increased spawn rates and extra pokestop items are only available until Friday, 11 November 2016!

Happy hunting 🙂

What are the Pokedex Shadows?

October 30th, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

PokemonGo Pokedex Shadows, PokemonGo GymsIf you saw a pokemon in the wild, but the creature legged it, it will be displayed in your Pokédex as a shadow.

However PokemonGo players see many more shadows than they remember spotting in the wild. What is going on? Is it a bug, or are we heading into the levels of addiction where we no longer remember which pokemon we saw?

The answer to this question lies in one of the recent updates. Since October 2016, your Pokedex shows not only the shadows of the pokemon you saw in the wild, but also shadows of the pokemon you saw in the gyms, even if you haven’t battled these pokemon!

British house prices to rise by 22% according to Mr. Mime

September 9th, 2016 | Crazy Pokemon

UK property prices are set to rise by an average of 22%, according to Mr. Mime. However, there is wide variation in the rate of increase. Properties providing direct access to pokestops and battle gyms, straight from the living room, are rising in price by as much as 475%.

Jynx “Rather than repeat the mistakes of the past and prop up the housing market with tedious, complex initiatives such as buy-to-let mortgages and help-to-buy schemes, we can take advantage of innovative technologies such as augmented reality and mobile apps to make ridiculous house prices look attractive.” – says Jynx as she returns from her holiday in Swiss Alps.

“This is a welcome turn of events,” says Mankey, after his second holiday last month in Cornwall. “It would be upsetting to see the house prices going down. The landlords would suffer an economic shock, and possibly a sleepless night. They would not know what the future looks like.”

For the first time in British history the number of bedrooms as a major factor in determining the value of the property is no longer relevant or important. Since mid-July 2016, people are not interested in the number of bedrooms, close transport links or garden space. What drives the property prices up today is the proximity to pokestops, pokemon nests and battle gyms.

Catchment area remains to be an important consideration for people who are looking for their dream home. Pre-millenials might remember moving houses and paying hundreds of thousands of pounds more, just to be near a so-called well-performing school. Ironically, the catchment areas didn’t actually provide anything to catch! All this changed last summer when pokestops gave a new meaning to the term. Today, an average house near one of the best-performing pokestops in England costs £766,744, compared to a national average of £313,318.

“You get what you pay for”, – says Sparky Jolteon. “If you live further away from a pokestop, you fall victim to the PokemonGo marketing ploy – walk and exercise – which can be tiring and impractical after a long day at work. Catching pokemons from the comfort of your own home is worth its weight in gold!”

A new property website Pokemove is embracing the change in customer expectations and provides property listings that focus on what really matters in today’s property market. Look at this gorgeous property, featuring direct access to a pokestop, numerous water pokemons within easy walking distance and sightings of Ponyta just round the corner, all for just £950,000!

Pokemon in the house. House prices.

mrmime Mr. Mime is an expert in making house prices look reasonable, and at all things that may at first seem unseeable. He reports on perfectly solvable world problems, pokemon rights issues, and all things free range.