PokemonGo Nearby Feature Shows the Approximate Location of Pokemon

December 1st, 2016 | PokemonGo News

Nearby feature is now available both in the United States and in large parts of Europe.

nearbyMost pokemon tend to spawn not far from pokestops, and the new nearby feature shows you which pokestops those pokemon are close to. ‘Nearby’ replaces ‘sightings’ feature which showed pokemon nearby but didn’t provide any clues as to which way to go to find them.

The pokemon and pokestops shown on ‘Nearby’ screen are within easy walking distance. If you tap on a Pokemon, and then on a footprints icon, the location of the pokestop will be shown on the map.

On the flip side, pokemon that are close to you, but not close to any pokestops, do not appear on the ‘Nearby’ screen. This is a significant change, because previously ‘Sightings’ would register these pokemon spawns, but the new ‘Nearby’ feature doesn’t.


Happy pokemon hunting! No more aimless wondering around! 🙂

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