PokemonGo Generation 2 Release: New Baby Pokemon and New Pokedex Entries

December 12th, 2016 | PokemonGo News

PokemonGo Generation 2 Update

PokemonGo December update brings us a new intro screen with Pikachu busy switching on the lights. Beyond the new welcome picture, two baby pokemon Togepi and Pichu are officially announced as the first Generation 2 pokemon, released into the game. They can be hatched from eggs.

If you already have a Pikachu or Raichu, you can now see the baby Pichu shadow in the Pokedex, just before Pikachu. However Pichu is not the only baby you can now see in the Pokedex – six new gen 2 babies have made an appearance. They are: Pichu, Cleffa, Elekid, Igglypuff, Magby and Smoochum.

PichuPichu, which evolves into Pikachu
CleffaCleffa, which evolves into Clefairy
ElekidElekid, which evolves into Electabuzz
IgglypuffIgglypuff, which evolves into Jigglypuff
MagbyMagby, which evolves into Magmar
SmoochumSmoochum, which evolves into Jynx


Hatching Gen 2 Baby Pokemon

You can hatch baby pokemon from eggs.

Baby Pichu Pokemon

Baby pokemon Egg required
Cleffa 2km
Igglybuff 2km
Pichu 5km
Togepi 5km
Magby 10km
Elekid 10km
Smoochum 10km

PokemonGo Elekid Baby PokemonBaby pokemon can fight in gyms just like any other pokemon, which raises questions about child abuse (punch the baby, anyone?) and child exploitation (since when babies working overnight is OK?) 😉

New Generation 2 Pokedex Entries

Once you’ve hatched or seen new baby pokemon, new pokedex entries will show up.


Pikachu Gets Ready for Christmas

You can also catch a festive Pikachu wearing a Santa hat, for a limited time only, until December 29, 2016. Festive Pikachus will evolve into festive Raichus and will retain their hats beyond the Christmas event.


Find out more

Don’t forget to stock up on the candy in preparation for other Generation 2 additions, to be launched in the near future.

Have you caught a festive Pikachu or hatched a pokemon baby? Let us know at Pokemon151 Forums.

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