Oh? Ditto is out! How to catch Ditto in PokemonGo

November 23rd, 2016 | PokemonGo News

Ditto. Moves: Transform, StruggleDitto made its first appearance in Pokemon Go yesterday (Nov 22, 2016). You can get it by catching an ordinary pokemon such as Pidgey, Rattata, Magikarp or Zubat which will then turn into Ditto! After disguised Ditto is caught, a message ‘Oh?’ pops up over the pokeball instead of the usual ‘Gotcha!’, then the screen goes purple and your low-level pokemon morphs into Ditto. Dittos in disguise can be found while using incense and lure modules. Ditto is not a region-specific pokemon and can be found anywhere in the world. It’s possible to catch multiple Dittos. Ditto’s average height is 0.3m and Ditto’s average weight is 4.0kg.

Ditto in Gym Battles

Ditto’s moves are Transform and Struggle.

In gym battles, Ditto will transform into the first Pokemon it sees and will change its type and moves accordingly. Ditto doesn’t adopt opponent’s Combat Power (CP), so unless your Ditto is particularly powerful, it will transform into a rather helpless Dragonite, Gyarados or whoever else your Ditto is battling against.

Defending PokemonGo Gym

When fighting in the gym, Ditto will only transform once, and will stay in the form of this transformed pokemon throughout the battle with the whole squad.

When Ditto is facing Ditto in a gym battle, it will not transform. It can use its Struggle attack to fight the opponent, but the battle between two Dittos is exceptionally unremarkable.

When Ditto is defending a gym, it’s not disguised as other pokemon, it just looks like Ditto.

Ditto as a PokemonGo Buddy

As a PokemonGo buddy, Ditto will find you one candy for every 3km you walk together. Ditto does not evolve into anything in PokemonGo, but candies can be useful for powering it up. A powered up Ditto will make a better gym defender.

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